Our Story

An ever growing collection of images, special to me from travels around the UK and more.

Based in the fabulous county of Yorkshire, Northern England, with easy access to The Yorkshire Dales, Peak District and Lake Distirct National Parks, so many of my photographic prints are of these areas. I moved UK wide in my daily work, up to the joy that was 2020, always with camera in tow and looking for that perfect shot.

I also love to travel further afield whenever the chance arises and so you will find images from Iceland, South Africa, The United States and more. Landscape Photography and Wildlife Prints are favourites, and a scenic walk the best way to relax.

Sometimes the trip is just to get the shot, sometimes it's a trip to see what happens, those are often the best ones. Quite often fruitless if the weather works against us, or maybe is just the right place at the wrong time, but perseverance and patience pays off in the end.

As with most who've been in the mountains, I have some kind of bizarre addiction to being at the top, even if I do moan all the way up....and down again! 

Nature and Wildlife put many things into perspective. Enjoy our time, take in the air, and forget the worries.

And bring a Memory or two home.